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EZ Leads – Digital Business Card app for Individuals & business use also instantly share your contact info digitally.

EZ Leads Maintain QR-code cards for business, work or personal Suitable for personal and business use Connect with contacts by text, social media Quick Capture – Scan, Speak or Type Lead

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Our Features

Function performed by the system to fulfil one or more of the requirements of the users.

Fully Responsive

Professionals in various fields will profit from this networking and contact management application.

Layout Flexible

Managing Leads – Data can be exported to a CSV file and imported into a variety of different systems.

Mobile Ready

Speak to add lead, Scan to add lead The ability to scan QR codes eliminates the need for data entry.

Easy Setup

What is EZ LEADS?

Do you want an app that lets you share specific cards with people you meet based on the level of interest in your conversations? You can keep multiple QR code-based contact (business) cards in the EZ Leads application to share with people you meet based on their interest in staying in touch with you.

Instant lead capture and follow-up actions on your leads

access to data on your mobile devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week !

The digital business card formats VCARD (VCF) and MeCard are supported.

Safe and Secure

It’s Awesome


The scanned business cards are saved to a virtual card holder, which you can quickly grab, distribute, add to contacts, export to databases, and store on your phone. The EZ Leads app is suitable for both business and personal use.

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Scan QR Code

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Our Features

Business Card

Automatically scan, read, and save an unlimited number of business cards – Highest quality identification and accuracy Key.

Access Mobile

Use of mobile devices to gain access to information For the entire year, 24 hours a day, seven days per week

Lead Research

One-Click Lead Background Research- Go Green! To share with your leads, create your own QR Code Business Card profiles (contacts)

Scan QR Code

Quick QR code scanning or Quick Voice Record technology for adding and managing leads – Export data in.CSV format and import it into any destination system.

Our Features

We Make Awesome

This networking and contact management application will benefit professionals in all fields, including entrepreneurs, sales, marketing, management, skilled crafts, and academia. Users can also keep track of their contacts in order to stay in touch with friends, service providers, store associates, and anyone else they come into contact with!

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The phone’s camera can scan and distribute cards. For personal or business use. Entrepreneurs, salespeople, managers, artists, and academics will all benefit from this application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EZ leads?

About an app that lets you send certain cards, based on the level of interest in your exchanges, to people you’ve just just met? It is possible to store several QR code-based contact (business) cards in the EZ Leads programme, which can be shared with people you meet based on their interest.

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